Your Business And Your Environment

business environment

October 18, 2018

Being able to start and build a business in any given environment requires an understanding.

Not only of the business you want to build, but also an understanding of the specific environment.

Business owners must be students of environments. You must understand the weather patterns, seasons, traditions, cultures and social dynamics of specific environments and those of surrounding areas. This allows you to be in harmony and build a business that will last decades in the chosen market.

Subjects like psychology and social intelligence help in understanding how to deal with the people in your market.

When you think about the many aspects of business such as sales, marketing, research and development, you realize these topics are really the essence of studying applied psychology. The more a business owner is in tune and harmony with his/her market place, the more likely it is that the business will grow.

Clear, relevant communication between the business and its market is essential.

Communications must continuously grow, getting better step-by-step. Because it is the objective of the business to serve its market, the better the communication the better the results. We call this business growth.

One problem I see over and over again is that many business owners do not have a proven process that guarantees the growth of communication between their business and their marketplace. It has been my observation that the main reason for this lack of compelling communication is that some owners are simply not willing to learn and to develop their understanding about what makes a business grow.

The solution, as I see it, lies first in the desire and ability to personally grow.

Then, and only then, can you use that growth and apply the power of a proven process to your business. Once you have a proven method or system of growth your customers and prospects will continuously want to deepen their relationship with you and your business. Once that is established, the business grows naturally, and no one can take you out of the market. That’s when you have achieved market dominance.