You Must Be Willing To Pay The Price Of Success

price of success

September 28, 2018

The life of a business owner is like a four-lane highway.

Success and happiness are two of the lanes, while failure and unhappiness represent the other two. The toll is the price you pay along the way in terms of experiences.

This is so important to understand whether you’re a business owner or not, because, of course, what most people want is immediate success or greater success. What most tend to forget is that there are requirements and they are not willing to pay the required price. Why that is I frankly don’t know.

Two Unproductive Emotions

What I do know from years of experience and observation is that the business people I meet early in their business lives typically act out of two emotions – fear and greed. That is what I’ve seen in those beginning a new business. Both of those emotions tend to throw people into a downward spiral.

Typically, newbies are terrified of failure, which in turn fuels greed. This is due to the fact that they simply don’t see the rewards or the end results clearly. That’s why I suggest first thing as you step out onto the road to success is that you write down what you want. Then you’ll have a clear picture of what you want.

The second step is not to worry about how you will achieve what you want. Simply knowing that any new goal is something you have not achieved before lets you off the hook. Now you must take the first small action. Any action that you may think is in the direction of achieving your goal is good for a start. The next step will reveal itself and as you continue to move toward your goal, the steps will continuously unfold, and you will continuously learn and adjust until you get there.

Meeting Obstacles And Challenges

As you move forward with your actions toward the goal, you will inevitably meet with a number of obstacles and challenges. It is nature’s way to throw out a few challenges, not to discourage your efforts, but to make you stronger in character and to help you learn valuable life lessons. My suggestion is never to resist the obstacles. Do not fight them or try to dissolve them. Instead be open to understanding how each specific challenge has appeared to benefit you. Bless the challenge and consider it a stepping stone as you move forward and closer to your goal.

Never Quit

One thing to hold in mind as you embark on your journey to your goal is to never ever quit. At time things may seem difficult, utterly impossible or unreasonable, but I am here to tell you all is illusion. Any goal you want to achieve can be achieved with unending determination, passion and persistence. Instead of playing the victim it is more rewarding to be responsible for your own growth and learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward. Don’t dwell on trying to understand why things happen the way they do. Just ask yourself “what did I learn”? Then, move forward.

Hire A Coach And Build A Team

Finally, a business coach with a proven success process can help you move toward and ultimately reach your goal by helping you keep your eye on the prize which makes the price you pay along the road to success less exacting on you emotionally. You’ll want to build a team of people to help you achieve your goal while fulfilling their own goals as well. If fun to have others to play with and it is boring to play by yourself. When you’re willing to pay the price of success, once it’s paid in full, no one can take your success from you. You earned it. Have fun and enjoy the process.