Trading vs. Building a Business

building business

August 13, 2018

Currency comes in various forms.

Cash is the most familiar form of currency for most people. But the truth is that currency comes in many forms. Some forms include but are not limited to real estate, stocks, bonds, knowledge, products, services, commodities and most importantly TIME. Therefore, in order to receive what we desire, we need to give something in exchange. From that basic understanding the idea of trading came into our minds.

For most business owners having a business is about trading products and services for cash.

They are of the belief that the more cash they receive the better position they are in. However, in my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.

A trader is someone who is trading a product or service for other forms of currency (usually, but not always cash) while a true business owner is someone who is solving a problem in their own communities. A business owner has cash but also, more importantly, they have an asset that is built on universally aligned foundations. This asset very often will have the capacity to live for decades, and in some cases hundreds of years beyond the business owner who started it, to continually add value to the world.

Many who call themselves business owners have access to infinite amounts of cash, yet they are not solving problems or serving their communities. They are typically merely trading activities in their own business.

There is nothing wrong with trading.

But for those who wish to enjoy true freedom and fulfillment, building a business is the proper path to take. And with that path comes all the challenges that require the development of one’s own individual inner resources. Therefore, when you find and follow a proven process for building your business, the intelligent thing to do is to cherish it and follow it to its successful outcome. It may appear to be a humble choice, but ultimately serving your community is humbling and rewarding.