The Language of The Business Owner

business language

July 12, 2018

Since beginning my journey in entrepreneurship and business ownership I have met with many people. Some of them have been colleagues I met at an event, suppliers, clients and so on. Most of the conversations I had with these individuals were typically centered around business, and I loved it.

Discussing business, investing and money issues is something dear to me.

I love understanding how others think about and perceive business issues. The thing I struggled with the most in the beginning was keeping an open mind. I recognize that everyone comes from a different background, experiences and upbringing, therefore it was important to respect all while maintaining and expressing – not defending – my own views.

This is often easier said than done.

In my opinion, having an open mind means having the ability to remain neutral or non-judgmental. In other words, it means not looking to defend your opinion. It means not looking for right and wrong. It means to really listen to and have the courage to simply welcome others’ views as they are expressed. You don’t have to accept them or reject other’s opinions. Simply let them be.

I find it so fascinating that we live in a world with more than 9 billion people and so many people think they have to have the ‘right’ answer. In reality, there is no right or wrong answer. There is only what works and what doesn’t.

As I see it, the point of most conversations and discussions with other people in business is to continuously find new and better ways to achieve our business goals. We can learn by listening and being open-minded. You never know when you might hear the perfect solution to a challenge you are facing. When you hear about something you think might be useful, you can explore it more, try it, then embrace and leverage what works and let go of what doesn’t.

There is no one language in business.

It depends on the stage you are in and what skills you are currently learning. If, for example, your business is in the stage that requires you to sell more, and you are learning sales, then your language will reflect that. And when you move to the marketing stage the same will be true. In the not-so-distant future your language will become more comprehensive and will likely include all your technical, industry, sales, marketing, HR, financial knowledge and more.

So, what is the language of the business owner? It is the language that works for you at any given moment to help you gain the abilities needed to get to your goal. Focus on your goal, remain open to the possibilities, the rest will come at the right time, not a moment earlier.