The Business Difference Between Education And Schooling

business education

July 3, 2018

Most people have gone through some kind of schooling.

Perhaps you learned a lot and benefited from all the classes you took and degrees you earned. Now, I have a couple of questions for you. Are you grateful for the schooling experience or are you merely attached to the status that you think the schooling and degrees confer upon you? And, more importantly, do you actually make use of what you learned in school? There’s a big difference in how far you’ll go depending on your answer.

What Kind Of Learning Does Your Life Goal Require

Let me explain. Schooling is good as long as your life/business goals dictate a need for it. Many people think that any time they need to learn something new the only solution is through more schooling. So, they sign up for another year or two or three at university getting ‘schooled.’ Unfortunately, this is a very limited point of view. (For example, think of Bill Gates who dropped out of university to start Microsoft and Steve Jobs who also dropped out of university to start Apple.)

Education, on the other hand is “an enlightening experience.” I’m all for education. This means to draw out from within, which points to the fact that the answers you are seeking are already within you. Many people need some help to bring these answers to consciousness and this also involves a process of systematic instruction, be it through experience or a form of coaching. (Think of how athletes are coached to bring out their inner best.)

True Education Draws Out Innate Genius

Now I don’t know about you, but the traditional schooling system is not necessarily designed to draw out your innate abilities and coach your genius to the surface as much as it is designed to have you parrot the answers to a curriculum. You can be schooled in following a system and earn your certificate.

However, as a business owner in real life, academic degrees don’t count for much. People don’t care how many certificates you can flash in front of them as much as they care about how you can solve their problems. Therefore, certificates might get you through the door and into a job, but that’s not what will get you to close a business deal.

Building A Business Benefits More From Education Than Schooling

Building a business requires a lot of education not schooling. Unlike schooling, education includes learning from reading many books, listening to audio programs, joining coaching programs, finding mentors who have achieved what you aspire to achieve and more. In other words, education comes from those who have been there done that. from those who are sharing the real ups and downs and have blazed a trail for you to follow. That’s the trail called a proven process.

So, if you want an education on building your business, find a trail blazer and proven process to follow. But, if you simply need a job or want to be self-employed, by all means go to school and get a degree and/or certificate.