We are happy to work with Mr. Albdulbaqi in the future

December 31, 2018

I, as owner of Gari Medical Center since its foundation 13 years ago, testify herewith my experience with our contracted coach Mr. Ahmed Abdulbagi.

I contracted Mr. Abdulbaqi primarily because of my new business which is Sehhatak Aghla Medical Establishment (SAME). This business is concerned with transferring medical and dental technology products from high quality manufactures via importing them and marketing them to the customers in Saudi Arabia. However, Gari Medical Center benefited also from the coaching Mr. Abdulbaqi offered to me and my staff, in spite of the fact that it is a successful business since many years.

Mr. Abdulbaqi offered the Coaching Process mainly utilizing programs of the “The Growth Coach” (www.thegrowthcoach). This includes:

– Strategic Business Owner (SBO)
– One-to-one coaching
– Strategic Manager
– Sales Mastery
– Championship

However, Mr. Albdulbaqi offered frequently extra thoughts and consultations beyond The Growth Coach.

The results of the coaching program Mr. Abdulbaqi offered, can be summarized in the following:

1) We got better insight in our jobs irrespective of being a leader, manager or employee (such as sales person).
2) We started to focus and systemize our work.
3) We became as a business much lean in staffing than before.
4) Our revenues and profits started to be clearly better than before.

We are happy to work with Mr. Albdulbaqi in the future. For any queries I will be glad to receive emails on gari@garimedical.com.