Thank you Coach Ahmed.

December 31, 2018

As an art director, I thought what I need to run my own company is to have some business or sales courses and just use my mind and all my work will succeed.
“…so “The Growth Coach” will fit this ideal!!…”That’s what I thought”

But what I misunderstood is their main SLOGAN:

With “Ahmed Abdulbaqi, The Growth Coach”, I learned that to succeed in business I should succeed in my life first. What he did is holding the spotlight on many selective areas and turn it on with the right frequency of knowledge. Besides redefining many of LIFE TERMS that I didn’t know which it may have other better definitions.

Coaching with “Ahmed Abdulbaqi, The Growth Coach” is one of the best choices that I took in my life and that I achieved in this year. I am still in my first quarter and literally I jumped to different zones.

I will not say: “I will recommend”.
I will enough to say: “Give a try, the results will speak out”.

Thank you Coach Ahmed.