Mr. Ahmed Abdulbaqi (The Growth Coach) was like a savior

December 31, 2018

I am writing this letter explaining how I really (The Growth Coach SBO) program effect on me in business and life. The most interest in this program is to give us awareness about our life areas and how to make balance between them.

Mr. Ahmed Abdulbaqi (The Growth Coach) was like a savior from a mess that was gone to happen in the past. He giving us the most effective ways to promote, sell, and market our brands systematically verified by a proven process from the growth coach programs.

The whole program with Mr. Ahmed Abdulbaqi make me change so many thing in my business and my life. Make changing in my team also on my clients. Make me enjoy every single step of the process was either way up or down. I learned how to make the growth continuously as much I can and to the maximum. I learned how to raise up again and direct things to the right path.

Finally, Thank God to introduce m to Mr. Ahmed Abdulbaqi.
Thank you Mr. Ahmed Abdulbaqi for every single word that you said.