Investing In The Journey Of Challenges


July 24, 2018

Building a business is like building anything else.

It requires a lot of investing in the form of conscious effort (energy), time and money. Having said that, many small businesses fail because of how and where they invest their primary currency which is energy.

To be consciously willing to spend the energy required to succeed is the first step. Another important step is the conscious willingness to prioritize and strategically understand where the other investments need to be allocated.

The Attitude Of Investing As A Business Owner

Before I dive into the how, I must first shine some light on the importance of stepping into this journey with an attitude of investing. It’s important to understand that being a business owner is not about reaping, but rather is about investing into the future. Coming into this journey from this unique perspective gives you the attitude needed to be relaxed so you can strategically plan and strategically execute along the way.

The attitude of investing your energy allows you to search and study then plan and execute. This process gives you important and necessary feedback. Based on the feedback you receive your next step will become obvious and will naturally unfold.

How To Make Best Use Of Limited Supplies

So, now, your question might be how do I spend my limited supplies of capital, time, and effort? That’s a great question and, interestingly, the answer is easier than you may think. Well if the answer is that easy, you may wonder, why is it that so many small business owners go left and right making decisions without any logic? The reason most small business owners don’t see the answer is because they are diving into their ‘busy being busy’ routines and on top of all that they carry with them the “I know it all attitude.” So many new business owners approach their new business with either a mindset based on a technical specialty and/or that macho attitude of knowing it all and not needing anyone else.

Discover Primary Challenge

The smart way to spend (invest) your energy is by discovering where your primary challenge is. Identifying the primary challenge is the first step. It could be personal, environmental, skills-related, marketing psychology, industry related, etc… No matter where the challenge is, it is important to discover and acknowledge it. Then find a proven process to help you overcome that particular challenge. This is where the power of a proven process comes into play. The proven process will help you create the laser focus needed to continually identify and solve the challenges you are going through and will continue to face in the future.

Proven Processes

Your role as a business owner is to continuously search for proven processes for any given challenge. Then just follow the process step-by-step and watch the magic happen.