Developing A New Paradigm For Continued Success


September 20, 2018

We humans are emotional beings.

We tend to prefer doing things that make us feel comfortable. In others words we do what feels ‘right’. Thinking we are right gives us a false sense of security that we are aligned with our beliefs and attitudes.

You Can Be Right Or You Can Be Successful

Unfortunately, being right is not the same as being successful. Being right is not the same as being happy. Being right may or may not improve your lifestyle, but ‘being right’ will never take you to the next level.

Those who always insist on being right are typically mediocre in life. If you ever want to succeed wildly and bring out the champion in you, then being right or comfortable is not the appropriate goal. Instead you want to continuously develop yourself. You must learn to be okay with being uncomfortable in order to increase your competency and play at the next highest level.

As business owners, we are consistently looking to move to the next highest level. We are constantly monitoring our performance to adjust. If we don’t grow, our businesses will not grow. Therefore, business growth is only a reflection, a mirror image of your own personal development.

Keep Updating Your Mindset

A prerequisite for personal development is continuously having an updated paradigm. Your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes must be examined and changed which, in short means you must have an open mind and a continuously updated mindset.

A new fresh mindset with fresh new behaviours will get you to fresh new levels of success. So, whenever you are ready to play at the next level you first need to build the mindset for it. It’s similar to upgrading the software in your computer to streamline tasks. Upgrading your mental/emotional software is not an easy or comfortable task, but it is necessary. And slowly and surely you will discover it is the way to achieve a happier, richer life.

Requirements For Updating Mindset

Your mindset is like software, and an update of your personal, internal software requires certain steps. First, it’s important to identify what you want to achieve. Consider and determine the next level you want to get to, then learn the mindset to get there. For example, if you want to build a business then you must think as a business owner not a trader, salesman, marketer, not a financier or accountant.

Also, be attentive about what new beliefs you learn and adopt because you become your beliefs. And, ultimately everything you do is based upon the beliefs you hold.

Personal Development Is The New Business Paradigm

To be happier, richer and more successful as business owners we must expand our inner capacity. We need to be bigger and better internally. Personal development is the way to building that inner strength beginning with your mindset, which expands to your businesses and ultimately into your life.