Clarify Your Definition Of Business And Success

business success

October 25, 2018

Every prospective business owner dreams about and imagines success.

But, before you can actually achieve a viable business, let alone a successful one, you must understand and define clearly what both of those concepts mean to you. What does business mean to you? What does success mean to you?

Having examples of business successes from your own environment is inspiring and provides a great way to get you moving on your road. But having your own clearly defined meaning is of extreme importance. This is your life, your business, and you are the one who must stay the course and go through the journey step-by-step to create your vision of your business and your success. Therefore, it is important to define what your idea of business success looks like.

When GPS Is Not Connected To The Internet

Once upon a time we used road maps to navigate from point A to point B. Today we use GPS. In fact, many younger people have never even seen a road map. With a road map you would have to have some idea of the direction you needed to go in order to find point A and B on the map. With GPS all the work is done for you as long as you are connected to the Internet.

So, imagine that your GPS isn’t connected to the Internet. Without thinking about it, you might be led to believe that your destination didn’t even exist. Well, if you didn’t know what a road map was, or if you didn’t have any sense at all of where you were headed, you would be right. When you don’t have a clearly defined direction or definition of what business and success mean to you in your mind, that is like not having GPS hooked up to the Internet.

Unexpected Twists And Turns

As you embark on your journey toward business and hopefully success you are certain to eventually discover that some of the things you originally thought would be required are not. Likewise, you’ll discover many things you had not anticipated are absolutely required. How you adapt to new experiences will add to either your success or failure. Life and business rarely go the way we expect they will.

I have learned that’s why most people quit their business. They don’t define business or success and when things don’t go as smoothly or even as they thought, they bail out.

Altered Perception

Every one of us approaches life with a perception of how we think it should be until we run up against the truth about it really is a few times. Instead of quitting in the face of disappointment you can alter your perception. Instead of thinking of life happening “to us”, you might change that to life happening “for us.” The difference can dramatically change the course of your life. It can change your road map and reprogram your GPS.

So first, define what you rally want your business to be. Second, keep open-minded to learning on the way, which is a form of updating your own software so you can continually adjust and move closer to your destination.