In 2009, our founder  Ahmed Abdulbaqi made the jump from being an airline pilot with Saudi Airlines to being an entrepreneur and a business owner.

The first step was to move to the United States for further education which led to the start of his first company Sales Partners in Dubai which focused on Small business training. Unfortunately, due to unseen forces, that venture did not result in success.

By 2012, Ahmed closed the Sales Partners company and claimed his first failure. However, out of that experience came great blessings. The most impactful of which was his introduction to The Growth Coach team in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. and  The Growth Coach small business owner coaching process, The Strategic Mindset.

Since Ahmed’s previous experience taught him what works and what doesn’t in the Middle East, he quickly recognized the brilliance of The Growth Coach proven process and system. By 2013, Ahmed signed with The Growth Coach and became a franchise owner serving the small business owner market in the Middle East with a focus in Saudi Arabia.

Over the years Ahmed, with the assistance of The Growth Coach process, honed his industry acumen as a business owner and business coach creating enormous success with the small business owner market – taking them from the start up phase to the stability stage and beyond – resulting in business success while also balancing their lives.

About The Growth Coach Process

In today’s environment, with job instability and the huge desire for entrepreneurship, small business owners find themselves trapped in their technical mindset leading them to confusion and stagnancy in both business and life. They need a platform and an environment where they can develop their strategic business owner mindset. Unfortunately this specific environment does not sufficiently exist in the Middle East. Something had to change.

We have created an environment for small business owners to develop and grow using proven processes. This environment touches clients in many facets, both business and personal; facets such as personal development, success processes, financial intelligence, operational intelligence, and marketing intelligence.

All the while we maintain our intellectual property of the The Growth Coach ” The Strategic Mindset Process ” as the foundation backbone. Achieving personal and business development altogether. Having a holistic, complete solution provides significant natural growth. Participating such an environment with likeminded people and specific, customized and proven processes creates the lasting positive change required for small business owners to succeed in accomplishing their business and life goals.

We serve small business owners, entrepreneurs and self employed professionals. The U.S. Small Business Administration classifies businesses size as per their employee number and the small business category fits in between 1 – 100 employees. Having the small business owner go through the strategic process is an integral part before they move on to recommending it to their executives, managers and sales teams.

Our clients are the decision makers in their business with a passion for development and an open mind to change. They understand that in order for their business and life to change, they have to change. They are committed individuals who attend our two year process with monthly and / or weekly mastermind groups to elevate their strategic business mindset as well as having a phone and personal one on one coaching as needed.

To do this, we qualify, inspire and elevate the coaches and our team’s ability to serve using the most credible proven processes dedicated for small business owners from setting visions, directions, goals, strategies, tactics and systems.  We do all this with one aim in mind – to foster focus and consistency and to serve our clients and target market with excellence and mastery. We promise RESULTS to our clients that enables GROWTH and FREEDOM.